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Why is your business on a busy street?
Are you paying BIG bucks to be on that street?
What are you doing right now to make it pay?

Every car that drives by represents one or two prospects,
potential customers. You are paying for those prospects in
higher lease and property expenses, just like you pay
for prospects gleaned from your newspaper, TV and
other advertising.


will turn the traffic driving by a business,
into customers walking through the doors!

Just plug it in and it turns itself into a 2 1/2 story
tall money making monster in seconds!

Every single head that drives by will turn, look
and remember your business!

Your sales will go through the roof!

AirDancer™ is manufactured using the finest, most durable
materials on the market. The fabric is high tech ripstop nylon
with a coating of silicone. The seams are warrantied for 1
full year. The mega-power fans are waterproof and warranted
for 3 full years. AirDancer™ can be used year round in rain,
sleet or snow and will offer years of very profitable use.

Now that we've got your attention, try this on for size...
Every car, truck or boat dealer, carpet store and retailer in
town is going to come knocking at your door to know
where you got your new AirDancer™. On the days when
you are not using your new AirDancer™, why not rent him
out? At $150/day minimum rental rates, in just 11 days of
rental over his entire life-span, he's paid for!
He doesn't cost you a dime!

How about this...
Radio stations love AirDancer™ for remote broadcasts.
Go talk to the General Manager of the biggest station in
town, show him a picture, offer him a trade-out.
You'll walk out of there with free radio spots
every single month!

This is the best advertising value money can buy!



PHONE: 1-815-998-2547
FAX: 1-815-998-2562